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The UQ Medieval Society

UQ Medieval Society
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Livejournal Lucians Unite! This is a community for all those of MedSoc, past, present and future (but mainly present) -- to discuss upcoming events, ideas, thoughts, warcries, and all that jazz. We just ask that you refrain from posting TOTALLY unrelated-to-MedSoc material in here; after all, you've got your own LJ to spam with that. ;)
allwah, annual general meetings (hah!), archery, barry birch, bocce, brisbane medieval fayre, caerlommen, camp, carisvale, celts, crusaders, darvon, dragons, fenris, fensgard, fudge night, glensidhe, harvest king, knights, lucia, lumbria, may ball, may queen, medsoc, nork, pirates, pizza, quantum flutterbies, robin hobb, saga knights, scotia, scots, scriptum, snorri, still not king, swordfighting, tablet weaving, the badger song, the hexenberg, the princess bride, the realm of lucia, the red room, trogdor, trolls, undead ents, vikings, workshoppes